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Hunting Blind Plans



So you want to build your own blind?

You are probably doing it to save money, or for the fun and rewards that go with building something yourself.

Whatever the reason, you can do it with our plans!

Our plans include a 14' tower blind, a 1 and 2 person ground blind, and 2 types of duck blind.

Our Plans

  • Deer wooden box ground blind 4' x 4' wide by 6'2"[1 person]
  • Deer wooden box ground blind 4' x 6' wide by 6'2" [2 person]
  • Deer wooden box 14' tower blind 4' x 6' wide by 6'2" [2 person]
  • Duck wooden ground blind 4' x 6' wide by 4' [2-3 person]
  • Duck wooden coffin style blind 3' x 6'6' wide by 1' [1 person]



Included below are construction images of the 5 blinds:



tower blind 4x6 blind 

 14' Wooden Deer Tower Blind         4' x 6' Wooden Deer Blind



4x4blind 4x6 blind

     4' x 4' Wooden Deer Blind                   4' x 6' Wooden Duck Blind



duck blind

      Coffin Style Duck Blind                    


Most people who hunt, usually hunt more than one species.

So we decided to package up ALL THE PLANS together instead of hunters having to decide which plan[s] would be the best for their money - or want discounts or negotiate if they buy several plans together.

Its a monster package that should cover all your hunting blind needs for the DIY!

Then we had to decide a price that would be attractive to hunters who want to build their own blind [usually with the aim of saving money].

After agonizing, we decided on $19-95 -for ALL 5 PLANS!

If you look around the internet you will find some single plans selling for that price!

You won't find a package anywhere that includes all this value for only $19-95!


What do the plans include?

  • A full list of materials and tools needed
  • Typed, descriptive, step-by-step construction and assembly instructions that are easy to follow
  • Measured computer drawings
  • Instructions are provided in 2 stages - first using computer drawings and text, and then using images [like we have provided above] and text.
  • Can be assembled in the field
  • The deer box blinds give you the option of whether you want to include sliding Plexiglas windows, or not
  • The 3 box blinds have a minimum 6'2" headroom
  • The blinds are all wood construction so no welding is required

hunting blind plans

Bill Hackney together with his 10 year old son from North Carolina built this tower stand [photo above and below] with the great camo paint job!

hunting blind plan

Bill's comments "I would like to say a big thank you for your plans. My 10 year old son and I just finished one of your tower blind plans and its amazing. Very easy to read plans."


hunting blind plan photo

Matt Steele built the tower blind above and said "I cannot believe how solid the tower is"

hunting blind plans 

A tower blind made by Cletis Fabeaux - Missoula MT who altered the windows and sheathing to suit their needs.


# PLEASE NOTE - THE LUMBER DIMENSIONS - the size [width and thickness] of the lumber referred to throughout the plans are the NOMINAL SIZE. This is the size of the lumber before it has been dressed, planed and/or seasoned. When the lumber has been dressed, planed and/or seasoned it is then called 'actual size' which is the true size. The actual size of lumber is smaller than the nominal size. For example: 2x6 nominal size when dressed may become 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" actual size and 2x4 when dressed may become 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" actual size.

The ACTUAL size of the lumber varies from from place to place which is why we provide nominal sizes!

What it means is that you will need to make adjustments for the 'actual size' of the lumber you purchase. What that means in practice is if for example the 2x4 you purchase has an actual size of 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" you will need to add an inch to measurements of framing lumber [that are placed between 2 pieces of framing] to make up for the half inch lost at each end of the plan's 2x4, due to seasoning, dressing and planing.


We can't give an indication of how long it should take you to build the blinds because everyone's skill level, competence and confidence varies. All our plans are aimed at the DIY person [see the sample of images and text above and decide for yourself if you can follow the instructions].

We also can't give an indication of the cost to build them because prices can vary a lot if you shop around for the materials.

If you want to build your own blind, get your plans now by clicking on the image below!